About the Band


Culture Resonance is a band of three siblings born in Bielefeld/Germany. Their music becomes a medium between cultures through own compositions combined with free improvisation. With a fusion between Indian ragas, Turkish and afghan folk and Jazzinfluences the band goes on a journey in search of their own roots. Through the harmonic mix of Harp, Cello and Sitar, Oud and many different eastern Percussion Instruments like Tabla or Def they build an atmosphere where there is space for dreams, trance and dance.

Sadretdin Lax: Sitar/Tabla/Tombak/Bendir

He is the eldest of the three siblings, father of two beautiful kids and working as a goldsmith. He learned the Sitar autodidactically and is constantly improving his skills by playing rhythmic instruments as the Indian Tabla, Iranian Tombak and the Turkish Bendir. His biggest passion in music is improvisation and he can sit and play for hours with never ending inspirations.


Zainab lax: Harp, Sarod, Tar

Coming from a western classical music background the second born of the family learned the harp for 18 years and lateron started learning Indian classical music with her Guru Anshuman Maharaj Ji in Varanasi. During her Musictherapy study at ArtEZ conservatory in the Netherlands she also got Iranian Tar lessons. Now she is working internationally as a community musictherapist for refugees and is following a master program at the center for worldmusic in Hildesheim.

Atiya Noreen Lax: Oud/ Cello/ Tabla

The youngest and most dynamic of the group has learned playing the Cello and the drumset at music school in Bielefeld and lateron started learning the Oud in Konya. Atiya loves to compose, and put all her feelings inside her strings. While supporting the group with her artwork she is also studying video art at the University of arts in Braunschweig.

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